About Us

With a keen eye for design, Robyn is mostly inspired by updated classics, modern simplicity, and hits of bold colour. Robyn balances her love for creative spaces with a strong devotion to her client relationships, every space truly reflects how it is lived in and the people who live in it, while still creating an eye catching home environment.

Before Graduating from Dalhousie with a management degree, Robyn interned for Sarah Richardson on "Sarah's House". Following her final year of university, Robyn continued to work for Sarah, but decided to venture to a smaller firm to learn the other side of the industry. Through her two-plus years with De Jong Designs, Robyn worked as a Design Associate on many high-end residential projects in Toronto, Collingwood and Muskoka.

In 2013, Robyn founded her own interior design firm, Robyn Madeline Interiors, where she designs and manages residential projects.